Target. Content. Distribution. At Amplifier, we’re redefining what these words mean.

Our clients provide the objectives, and we provide the strategy, design, and execution of initiatives that are targeted to customers who are passionate about music and the culture that it encompasses. We take an “out of the box” approach to content, emphasizing the value of innovation in the ways messages are crafted and communicated. And we find the most effective avenues available (or imaginable) for distributing these messages to the right audience.

Whether you have clearly defined marketing objectives or need help determining how you can leverage music-oriented content to build your business, Amplifier Content Marketing has the expertise to help you take the next step.

Our services include:

Strategic Consulting Image

Strategic Consulting

In today’s saturated media landscape, it’s expensive, laborious, and often impossible to break through the clutter. We help companies develop cost-effective marketing strategies that ensure their message is heard and their audience is hooked.

Custom Magazines Image

Custom Magazines

Here's the idea: cutting-edge design mixed with expert music content that speaks on an emotional level with your target demographic. In some situations, nothing makes a better impact on customers than the engagement that print offers.

Event-Driven Publications Image

Event-Driven Publications

Looking to make an impact at a festival or music event? Event-specific magazines or programs can reinforce your brand’s image with a print piece that truly connects. An audio or video sampler may be just what the doctor ordered.

Content-Based Websites Image

Content-Based Websites

Your customers crave content, and a focused website could be the answer to your marketing needs. All sites are search engine optimized to drive ongoing traffic to your site.

Newsletters and eNewsletters Image

Newsletters and eNewsletters

Magazine too large an undertaking? Many businesses find that targeted print newsletters (generally 16 pages or less) or online newsletters can position your brand for success.

Reader and Benchmark Studies Image

Reader and Benchmark Studies

Understanding the needs and wants of your target audience is more important than ever in today’s marketing clutter. Amplifier’s expert research staff will help you find the information you need so that content marketing initiatives are on target.

Audio/Video Projects Image

Audio/Video Projects

We’ll not only produce your video or podcast series for you, we’ll also help you use all that social media has to offer to get as much “viral bang” for your buck as possible.

White Paper and eBook Programs Image

White Paper and eBook Programs

Want to position your brand as a music thought leader? If so, white papers or eBooks may be the answer. White paper series are generally 10–20 pages of expert content around a very niche topic. An eBook is the “cool” version of the white paper: great content mixed with a design-intense format that resembles a “mini book.”

Our White Papers Our white papers let you learn more about our innovative approach to making yourself heard in an increasingly noisy marketplace. Contact Us From strategic consulting to turnkey content solutions, we help our partners find solutions that are specific to their audience and aims.