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The Medium is the Message

Want to be an effective marketer today? You have one choice — tell your own story. Today, brands can develop unique, helpful and entertaining content that customers will distribute themselves. Read the latest Amplifier white paper to learn five key ways to drive consumer behavior through the lens of music.

Five Music Marketing Ideas That Could Pay Dividends Now

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This Is Content Marketing

The era of hurling advertising at the consumer is over—at least as far as we’re concerned. At Amplifier, we help you engage in a meaningful exchange with your audience by leveraging relevant, useful content. In other words, we make content marketing work for you.

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Making It All Connect

Publications, programs, interactive media—done right these become vital points of connection between you, your audience, and the musical experience. At Amplifier, we understand that when it comes to pushing your business forward, connections matter most. Your business is our business.

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Our Team is Your Team

With decades of cumulative experience in publishing, music and marketing, the Amplifier team brings a wealth of resources to your needs.  The staff at Amplifier works hard and smart, with a passion for presenting content in all its forms.  Our relationships—internally and externally—enable our team to provide you with maximum customer service.

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Take a minute to page through our white papers. Here we explore challenges faced in using traditional media to engage with consumers. You'll find research, evaluations and practical solutions for connecting brands with music fans in an increasingly noisy marketplace.

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